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Pantara Island, Pulau Seribu Marine Resort, a Tourch of Nature

The beauty of Pulau Seribu Marine Resort is the beauty of nature unspoiled, preserved especially for you. The facilities on Pulau Seribu Marine Resort have been carefully planned to compliment and enchance the lust tropical surroundings. The Charm of Huge Java Sea, to forget the constains of time.

Pantara Island

The Location

Only 40 nautical miles from Jakarta, the capital City of Indonesia and can be reach about 2 hours by high speed cruiser.

The Enjoy a Vacation in Nature

The Marine Resort was designed to let your enjoy nature, both physically and mentally. Taste cuisine, wide variety of sport fasilities, cottages, emerald green water with natural white sand beaches, provide you with the opportunity to touch the tropical perfection.

A Paradise for Divers

With beautiful variety of both fish and coral species making Pulau Seribu Marine Resort an ideal for dive lovers.

Meeting in Different Way

At the middle of the sea, your business meeting may be combined with pleasure away from the bbustle.

Information and Reservation :
PT. Pantara Wisata Jaya
Bank Artha Graha Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No. 115 Jakarta 10730 - Indonesia
Phone : (+62 21) 626 2629
Email : info@pulaupantara.com

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