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A Simple Yacht, Riva Super Aquama, Tunisia

Riva Super Aquama

About Riva Super Aquama

Riva Super Aquarama 1971 (Hull # 465)

One of 203 ever made and named “The Number One Best Looking Boat of All Time” by Motorboat and Yachting, the Riva Super Aquarama’s speed, beauty and craftsmanship has earned its status as the Ferrari of the boating world.

The Riva Super Aquarama is highly praised by celebrities and collectors alike, and is a true world class investment.

Known as the greatest of Rivas and the most emblematic of Carlo Riva’s designs, Riva Super Aquarama (Hull # 465) was built in 1971, during the golden age of Riva, the last years when Carlo Riva was still in command of the shipyard.

Bought originally by the Van Opel family, she was sold to its current owners, the Ben Ammar family in the early 80s. She was fully refurbished twice since, at the Riva subsidiary RAM in Sarnico in the late 1990s and at France’s best Riva refurbishment specialist, Royale Automobile in La Baule in 2010. During its latest refurbishment, the original twin engines were replaced by brand new twin Mercruiser V8 280 HP engines.

The boat is meticulously maintained by its owners. The boat is used between June and September each year, and meticulously wintered the rest of the year. The mahogany wood is maintained yearly by a Riva trained specialist, Salvatore Del Aeria and the engines are maintained yearly by Mercruiser.

ID: New Batman
Year: 1971
Builder: Riva
Model: Super Aquarama
Length: 28ft
Engine: Twin Mercruiser V8, 280 hp each.
Trailer: Custom-made trailer for Riva Super Aquarama

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